Our Story 

Mariah was a graduate student at Harvard University when she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She had everything going for her. A fulbright scholar and international award-winning researcher, when suddenly she experienced a manic episode that left her hospitalized. Being hospitalized while at Harvard, disrupted her life entirely.  She was forced mid-finals to navigate a healthcare system that was disjointed, find a way to pay for entirely new medication on a graduate student budget, and enter into a recovery program. 


Loyiso was there from the very beginning. When Mariah was hospitalized he realized that she wouldn’t be able to navigate the complexity of Bipolar Disorder, especially while she was experiencing symptoms of a manic episode. He helped communicate with Harvard to inform them Mariah was ill, he helped communicate with all the different hospitals and doctors. He offered support in a way that saw past stigma.

It took Mariah nearly an entire year to find the right medication and a steady psychiatrist. She struggled financially and emotionally.  Mariah and Loyiso realized that there aren’t tools for Bipolar individuals’ recovery and so Kaidia was born


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Support - 617-800-5495

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline
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